You are invited to celebrate the Solemnity of Our Lady of Guadalupe next Sunday, December 12, disposing our hearts to the graces that God gives us, participating in the Eucharist in one of our schedules!


We are in the Marian Eucharistic Docenario in honor of our Mother of Guadalupe. The Aurora Rosary is at 6:15am and Mass at 7:15am. In the afternoon Mass 6:30 pm and 7:15 pm Rosario. Come and offer your flowers to the Virgin Mary.


We invite you next December 9 to celebrate the feast of San Juan Diego. Bring your Child dressed as Juandieguito to bless and they will receive a gift!


Next Saturday we will have our solemn vespers in honor of our Mother the Virgin of Guadalupe at 5:30pm. And at 7:15 pm the Representation of the Miracle of the Flowers, about the apparitions of the Virgin in Tepeyac.


Our Guadalupana Serenade will be on Saturday the 11th at 7:45pm and the Guadalupana Mañanitas to the Virgin Mary will be at 8:45pm.


Let's continue supporting our Cathedral by approaching the sale of food and ice cream! We appreciate your generosity.


Parish Announcements


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