During this time of contingency, we must reinforce our mission and vision. Knowing that, although this situation is difficult, our commitment is with those people who get up every day to get ahead. At Cáritas de Quintana Roo, we continue to work for those who have the least, through the food bank and our various programs. For this reason, following the prevention measures of the authorities and with the donations of our allies, people with good hearts, we remain committed to helping those who need it most.

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Cáritas Quintana Roo

We are a comprehensive and unique humanitarian project in Mexico, made up of homes, care centers and comprehensive services run by civil, religious, professional and volunteer organizations, whose vocation and mission is to serve the neediest people in the community with love and joy.

Ciudad de la Alegria

Information soon to come. 

Centro de Escucha

For many years, the Church has been actively involved in humanitarian aid and development activities throughout the world. These projects consist of emergency disaster relief as well as humanitarian programs that strengthen the self-reliance of individuals, families and communities.

​The Church seeks to help as many as possible, thus fulfilling the mission that Jesus has entrusted to them.


​If you do not find what you need or want to communicate directly with us, click here: contact.

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