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  • Participate in the preparation course: consult the parish.

  • Preparation talk for parents and godparents. Friday from 8 to 9pm.


1. Participate in the Preparation Course.  2. Baptism Certificate  3. Preparation talk for parents and godparents. Friday from 8 to 9pm.  4. Copy of the religious Marriage Certificate of the godparents, if they are single they must be at least 16 years old, present a Confirmation Ballot, have received the sacraments of Christian initiation (baptism, first communion and confirmation) and not live in free union . (Canon 874).

Costs and Payment

Under 18 years old  Catechism.  Over 18 years  $1,300.00 pesos *Includes the ceremony and the 3-hour course of the Parish.  $2,300.00 pesos *Includes the ceremony and the 3-month course.


Of the ceremony

  • For the day of the celebration the child's clothing must be white.

  • Bring a white candle.

    of the general order

  • The celebration must start on time.

  • The church is always open to its parishioners, therefore it cannot be closed for private ceremonies.

  • It is not allowed to throw objects (petals, grains of rice, balloons, bubbles, etc.) both inside and outside the church.

  • In order for the celebration to take place with the greatest decorum and dignity of the liturgy, appropriate attire must be worn. Remember that we are in a sacred place.

    Photos and Video

  • The photographer or photographers can only go up to the sacramental step. It is forbidden to go up to the sanctuary (altar area).

  • It is not allowed to connect to the electrical installation of the enclosure.

  • Given the dignity of the place, photographers must appear at the ceremony in a suit. Women must have their shoulders covered and if they wear a skirt, the length must be below the knee.

Steps to Reserve

1. Contact the parish office to check availability.

2. Make the corresponding payment.

3. Send proof of payment and documents by mail.


Confirmation perfects baptismal grace; It is the sacrament that the Holy Spirit gives us to root us more deeply in divine filiation, incorporate us more firmly into Christ, strengthen our bond with the Church, associate us even more with her mission and help us bear witness to the Christian faith through the word. accompanied by the works. CEC 1316


To be defined according to the agenda. Check dates directly by contacting the office.

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