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¡Join us and be part of this important initiative to strengthen our community!

Welcome to the Cancun Cathedral Community Center project, we are excited to share with you the incredible benefits that this construction will bring to our society.

Meeting and Celebration Space

The community center will provide a welcoming and safe place where the Cancun community can gather to celebrate cultural, religious, educational and social events.

Social Services and Assistance


A variety of social services and assistance programs will be offered to meet the needs of local residents, including child care, family counseling, education classes and more.

Personal Development and Training


The center will offer personal development and professional training opportunities for people of all ages, helping them acquire new skills and improve their quality of life.

Promotion of Culture and the Arts


Cultural events, art exhibitions, concerts and theatrical presentations will be organized to enrich the cultural life of the community and promote local talent.

Promotion of Community Wellbeing


The center will provide sports and recreational facilities, green areas and health and wellness programs to promote an active and healthy lifestyle among residents.

Community Center Benefits

¿What services will there be?

These are some of the services that you can find in the communication center.

Medicine Bank

There is a medicine bank for low-income people.

General Medical Service

We will have medical consultations in pediatrics, ophthalmology and general medicine. In addition to physical rehabilitation therapy.


In order to improve your health, we will have a nutrition service


If you have symptoms of distress, depression or anxiety, we will have a psychology service.

Legal advice

If you require legal help here you can consult your case with professionals.

¡We need your support!

With your support, we can make this dream a reality and build a vibrant and lively community center that will benefit all the people of Cancun.

¡Donate, volunteer, or simply share this page to spread the word and make this project a success!

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